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Snowed In

Good Afternoon all we got lots of snow. Hubby is out there now trying to shovel us out. I went and did the steps and sidewalks and the youngest is going out to help him shovel now. I couldnt go to work today because I cant get out of my driveway yet. Oh well that happens I guess. Im sort of glad though because I was very scared driving home last night it took me an hour to drive home on the expressway.

    So I am joing this sal called the totally useless sal this year and you have to have a clear container and you put all your cross stitch stuff like threads, wrappers from floss and the like into it then on the full moon you take pics of it. Just something fun to do. Im gonna try and figure out how to put the button and the link on here. I am gonna do some serious stitching I think since i cant get out of the house yet. Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets lots of crafting done.


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Day Off.

Morning everyone , well I said I was gonna try real hard to stick to this web blog so lets hope that I can lol. I have been a mad stitcher lately and have 5 things started at the moment that is alot I tell ya. But its all in fun, not for anything other than me so there is no hurry on any of it I decided to make 2010 my year of guilt free stitching.  I also joined a hush hush challenge in lifes a stitch it is always fun you never know what your gonna get lol. Cant wait to get started on this gonna go cut my fabric in a secone, It will be nice to work on something small.  I have 2 crochet squares as well that are going to post today to help out a friend who lost her husband recently. Alright heres the pics of all of my WIPS ..QS Dragon SoulHere is QS Dragon Soul .

Done on 18 ct 2×1





This is is sk Mermaid for the haed sal im not very far along yet though lol she is on 28 ct 1×1 The one underneath is Night Moves for a friend of mine its on 18 ct 2×1


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