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It has been almost 2 years since I have blogged , where in the world did the time go. Real life does get in the way doesnt it I tell ya. Well I have been doing tons of stitching I am at least getting there I also have tons started. I havnt crochet much but that is alright there will be plenty of time for that, I want to stitch while I can still see what im doing lol. I did finish HAED TT Purple Dragon on January 16th I started her July 11,2009 it took me a while but it wasnt solid stitching either the last 3 weeks prior to finishing her were constant stitching.HAED TT Purple Dragon¬†She is done on 18 ct. 2×1. I have tons more started and will post pictures this week sometime. Im glad I remembered I had this even if no one looks at it but me lol.


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